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Anathema is finished - 163,352 words.

It's done.

The first draft, anyway.

I have scenes to add/change/remove. I can't stop thinking about them. For now, I'm trying to let it sink in that this manuscript is finished, regardless of what I have left to change. I started writing it in May of last year, and now it's done. It's done. It's done, and I feel like I just lost a part of my heart to time.

One checked off, and a few more to go.

I got to leave work early today because of the snow here, and I finished up the final scene of the last chapter as soon as I got home. Now it's all finished.

I need to take a serious look at where I can cut down on the length, but other than that, I'm ecstatic with the story.

I finished just in time to reward myself by starting a new game of Kingdom Hearts III.

I still can't believe that this game is actually out, just like I can't believe that this story is done.

Soon, I'll start the process of commissioning the cover art. For now, I'm putting the manuscript away for two weeks, to let myself "forget" it before I go back to edit -- adding/removing/changing scenes as needed. And then, I will wait until it's almost time to publish before I do a final pass. In between that time, my cover art will be done and ready.

May 1 is the publication date I'm aiming for.

I sacrificed a lot to get this done. I chose to forsake much, much more, and I'm continuing to forsake more than that.

Let's stay up here, concerned about other things, unfathomable to anyone else, as they should be. 
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