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What everyone and everything represents. - 2. Venus and Lysander

Absolute spoilers for my books here. Proceed with caution.

Below is a list of all the major characters, settings/locations, and ideas and their "theme songs" that represent them, or at least what I listened to a lot while I conceived the ideas for who/what they are.

Some of these songs (Raine, I'm looking at you) won't make sense unless you take them in the context of all of the books as a whole, once you read them.

Characters who appear across multiple books may have different songs as they grow and change over the course of the series.

Click each character/pairing/etc. to expand the embedded song.

In chronological order of release/anticipated release:

2. Venus and Lysander
This book's major inspiration


Lord Commander Valerie of Lysander

Lady Chancellor Lucrezia of Azrith

Emperor Xavier of Tenrose + The Empire of Tynan

Queen Beatrys of Tenrose + The Kingdom of Tibor



Vespair (?)





The Port City of Indra

Elysia's show of absolute power in Indra

The Edge of Reason

Elysium the Underworld

Hatred of sorceresses

Enabling Val's tyranny

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