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I write for the ones without a voice.

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meta stories.
Hopefully five more chapters and then I'll be done with Black Waltz.

It was supposed to be eight more. I condensed it down to avoid dragging things out. My heart is still here, but it's slowly moving onto the next project that I've had simmering for a long, long time. I finally feel it now, which means it'll be good to start it soon. It's a romance surrounding the fashion industry. I'm obsessed with watching documentaries and other vids about the business side of what goes on there. I made up my mind on a central plot thread that knocks on the fourth wall without being too obvious. It's meant to highlight how artificial the fashion world can be, as well as romance...

Inspired by the storytelling methods in the NieR and Drakengard games, I'm taking a Yoko Taro approach by giving commentary on these two intersecting worlds of fashion and romance. It'll be interwoven into the narrative. I've done this before in the past, but it wasn't intentional like this.

There's a title, yes, but I'm not saying what it is just yet. It's a revamp and remake of something I wrote in the past. The people who have followed my work for the past decade will likely know which one I'm talking about. Because this story was all over the place from me making things up as I went, I have to compensate this time around with a more focused, centralized plot. The overarching theme of a love-hate relationship on a never-ending rollercoaster will shine through again. I have the two perfect leads that will lend themselves well to the drama in this piece. The drama will be layered, unravelling itself as petals picked from a flower as the story progresses. Mind-bending. That's what I'm going for.

The song I listed for this post from Drakengard 3 will more than likely be what I listen to on repeat while I write the first chapter. Fast; high-energy.

Speaking of games, I finished the English version of Persona 5. I really...didn't feel anything while I played up until I watched the ending credits. I know I shouldn't compare everything to NieR: Automata. The Persona games are formulaic. It works, but after being impressed by how organic Automata is, I'm just not feeling the formula anymore.

Drakengard 3 is something else. It's a story about war, killing and revenge. I was surprised by how manic this game is from the prologue alone. The main characters are so sadistic and murderous that it's practically a satire of how the main mode of achievement in video games is through killing people. I'm not too far into the game, but I'm intrigued. Gameplay isn't the best and the environment graphics are...serviceable. I'm not sure if I should play Drakengard 1 on the PS2 first. I'm still waiting for that one to arrive. Listening to the soundtrack, it's fucked up on purpose. I'm here for it. My PS2 is still in good condition. I'll work on these two games more once I'm finished writing Black Waltz.

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