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world of final fantasy.

I don't plan on playing this game when it comes out. I played the demo for maybe twenty minutes before giving up. I sped up the combat but it was still not to my tastes. Plus, the whole chibi style isn't my thing. It's like Persona Q but for Final Fantasy instead. I didn't bother playing Persona Q because of the style and the Etrian Odyssey-like gameplay.

This demo is good for one thing. The menu music. My intuition was right--I needed something from a game. This song is good.

I woke up from more intense dreams about half an hour ago with this melody etched into my mind. It echoed in my head as I looked around. I received an unexpected email from someone. Two, really. Reading them reminded me of how I wanted to go look for someone else. I still do, but it's less about running away and more about security. Playing the Beyond: Two Souls remaster for the PS4 made me understand the difference. It helped me move on from something that had happened; helped me turn my pain into strength, as I always--eventually--do. Even playing through Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse's phoned-in morality system made me see what this was. Right away I rejected that version of independence: forsaking others and going at it alone. Dagda spoke from a place of cynicism and pain. That's not what should drive people. It only ends up making things worse.

I had a talk with another person the other day. She recently got in contact with an old boyfriend of hers. She still loves him, but he's been through a lot. He's not mentally stable. She said that she doesn't "want to be with someone who's broken." It made me think of this situation, and then look what happened.

The person who contacted me again reminds me of Futaba from Persona 5. The same struggles, the same pain. No wonder I felt the most for her throughout the game.

Since I can't sleep, I'll continue my third playthrough. Hopefully she's still around.
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