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I write for the ones without a voice.

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cyclical stories.
Finally, I'm almost at the end of Persona 5. I've technically beaten the game already. On purpose, I chose the option to get the bad ending first, just to see what would happen. It wouldn't have worked as much if I didn't care a lot about a certain character. I felt worse than when I got the bad ending in Persona 4 way back when. I felt like I failed as I listened to the song during the credits even though I picked this ending on purpose. In P4 I just had this distinct feeling that I had missed something. Not that I had lost something or someone.

I went back, reloaded, and picked the correct options. I'm on my way to the proper ending this time. Should finish it up some time today. Even though I've put off a lot of other projects to work on this game, I'm glad I decided to import this from Japan.

This game's story and symbolism are on-point. The symbolism especially is to die for. It's not easy to surprise me. I tend to think of everything. Persona 5 actually surprised me a lot with an unexpected twist. I don't remember the last time I played or read through a story feeling this engrossed and invested. Usually I have to find things to settle for and make my own by way of fanfiction. Or I just don't care at all. That's not the case with this game. The most masterful thing about P5 is actually the linearity of the story. The gameplay is mostly a retelling of things that had already happened. The closer I got to the present, I agonized more and more about not being able to change anything. The game also revolves around the Phantom Thieves forcing bad people to have a change of heart. It's amazing how the player pulls this off when it matters most later on in the story.

And every time she looked at her watch. Talking about time. Oh my God. It makes so much sense now.

I really needed that experience. This whole thing. This whole game. I needed it. I need it.

I'm using Persona 5's storytelling as loose inspiration for the last book I plan on publishing. The book is already "finished." I have to change some things around and update the writing. One thing at a time. I have to get the true ending for Persona 5 first, work on Ruska during the wait for FFXV, and then see how that game turns out. I seriously doubt it'll top P5 for me. It's hard to impress me--with anything, not just games or stories. Persona 5 is in the legendary status for me with only the bad ending so far. I'm also glad that I kept up with writing down my translations of the game. This document is over 100,000 words now. I got the idea to do this a week and a half ago.

Persona 5 is that good.

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