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Yoshiyuki Ly

Persona 5 so far:

No spoilers.

I'm loving the game. It feels amazing. Even though I'm not completely fluent in Japanese, I'm able to follow the dialogue and story easily. The main character has some funny dialogue options. I didn't think I'd like Ryuji, since he seemed like the mandatory bro first party member, but he's actually pretty cool. Morgana is adorable. I like how s/he will be in some scenes as a regular cat observing off to the side. And I enjoy how deep Anne's character is. It would have been too easy for Atlus to make her a recycled version of Rise. I'm glad they avoided that.

But I might have to start a new game. When I named my character, I put in the kanji for Yoshiyuki Ly. In Japanese culture, when you don't know someone that well, you'll call them by their family name + an honorific to be polite/respectful. Out of curiosity, I translated a line of Anne's dialogue with an app, just to make sure I had read it correctly. I almost fell out of my bed laughing when Ly-kun translated to "physical-kun" on my phone. It's even more hilarious because I want to get to know Anne better as a love interest in the game.

I need to look up a better equivalent family name for Ly.
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