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Persona 5 early copies + book goals.

This is real. After all the Persona 4 spinoffs, Persona 5 is almost here.

Some people have early copies of the game. Leaks are trickling across the internet. No more P5 reddit or YouTube videos. Fucking spoilers.

Persona 5 cast

I should get my copy imported from Japan on Thursday or Friday. Really looking forward to learning more about Anne, Makoto and Sae. Well, everyone seems interesting, but those three caught my initial interest. Morgana seems cute and level-headed and not-annoying, unlike Teddie. It would be nice if there was a special option of unlocking a female protagonist after beating the game once. I doubt it'll happen. Also I'm nearly done with this Shin Megami Tensei IV playthrough. The game is most engaging toward the end once the morality and ethics fully kick in. The characters are okay... And the way the plot works--it makes sense, considering the themes of law versus chaos alignments, order versus freedom, but without that retrospective insight, the story feels hollow. The "main antagonist" is the best part of the game. (Can you guess which alignment I chose?)

Right. Writing. Ruska is taking a lot of out me, emotionally. No surprises there. Venus and Lysander is in pre-publication right now. I'd like to release it before the end of the year. Ideally once Final Fantasy XV is out so that I can distract myself from release day anxiety by playing the game. I have plans for three more books after Ruska, but it depends. My writing style from story to story these days feels very samey to me. It's freaking me out. I don't like it. Makes me feel like I'm stagnating. So, once Ruska is out next year, I might take a break and re-evaluate myself and my style.

Plus, I have this looming sense of dread about Ruska. Once it's out, I know I won't be able to top this story. It's the culmination of five years of thinking, writing, planning, feeling, sacrificing. There's only one other story I have up my sleeve that could possibly rival Ruska in terms of drama, plot and characters. Some of you already know which one I mean. That one will also get the Ruska treatment of a complete demolish and revamp. I don't want to think about it right now.

goals -

1. Publish Venus and Lysander (historical-fantasy-romance) in late 2016.
2. Finish Ruska (erotic [urban] fantasy romance epic). Try to keep myself together throughout the process. Publish it some time in 2017.
3. Tweak Twisted Allure (YA romance) and publish it some time in 2017.
4. Tweak Vagrant Honor (historical-fantasy-romance novella) and publish it some time in 2017. Probably August. Don't ask why.
5. By this point, I should have collected enough life experiences to revisit the ~final story~ (contemporary romance epic). I have no idea how long this will take.
6. During this indefinite time, I will consider publishing my actual first two novels, Shadow of Venus and Dancing Mad (dark fantasy pseudo-romances).
7. Life will decide if I write anything else after all of this is done.
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