Yoshiyuki Ly (yoshiyuki_ly) wrote,
Yoshiyuki Ly

these lucid dreams.

Almost every night, I have a long series of lucid dreams where I'm fully aware and in control of things. Most of the dreams last night were too personal for me to talk about. The last bit had to do with Liara from Mass Effect. She was on a ship overhead. Something fell and got lost somewhere. I found it just as I noticed Liara's ship taking her over the metropolitan area. Then she fell from the ship, as if agonized over what she believed she had lost. I had it right in my hands. I ran in the direction of the city, screaming her name. Buildings in that area exploded once the ship came down with her. The whole time, this trip-hop ballad played in my head. Sounded like the same singer from Pursuing My True Self from Persona 4. I've never heard this song before in real life.

I spent a long time searching the city for her. Seemed like she was dead, but I kept looking anyway. I woke up with this real sense of emotion. Like everything from the dream stayed with me. It took me a few moments to realize it wasn't real.

This tends to happen whenever I fall asleep thinking about story ideas. It's the worst when I'm actually working on a manuscript. All that energy I spent imagining things so vividly pours into my dreams. It's interesting, but emotionally exhausting. 
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