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I write for the ones without a voice.

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done editing.
Okay. I can only edit my own work so much. It's time to move forward. I didn't really change much. I read the whole thing over in a few sittings and made sure that the prose and dialogue flowed. I cut down on a few bits of dialogue to keep them from getting preachy. I also added in some lore hints for Ruska continuity. I mainly made sure that the story reads as a standalone if necessary. If potential readers don't want the D/s from The Scorpion's Empress or the full-on BDSM in Ruska, then they can read Venus and Lysander as "normal" romance from me.

I hope it doesn't take me six hours to write a single synopsis this time. That's how long it took me to write the one for The Scorpion's Empress. The query letter, including the blurb, took about four hours. So all in all, eleven hours for ~800 words. The most important 800 words to describe the book, anyway. It shouldn't take me that long for Venus and Lysander.

And confirmation on Final Fantasy XV's release date delay: the Final Fantasy XV YouTube channel put up a video message from Tabata. He explains that the dev team isn't satisfied with the final product and that they'll have to delay the game by a couple of months.

I'm fine with this. I get to go to IAMX's concert on September 30 and not worry about losing game time. I wish I could listen to the game's soundtrack ahead of time. And I would like to experience the locations/environments as I work on Ruska. But I understand how tough this decision was for Square. November is filled with a lot of other titles, and I'm sure people will be pissed once they hear the news. At least I'll get to take my time with Persona 5 on September 15 without worrying about overlapping game time. Maybe patch 3.4 in Final Fantasy XIV as well. I'll also have more time for Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse. I only bought a Nintendo 3DS for this series. I really hope SMT V is on PS4/Neo/VR/whatever.

I will work on the query letter and synopsis for Venus and Lysander when I wake up... I need to stop working this late/early. It's weird.

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