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I write for the ones without a voice.

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editing Venus and Lysander + playing BioShock.
This "week or so" since I finished Venus and Lysander flew by. I should edit the manuscript now, hm? Reading the whole thing over doesn't put me off this time around. There's a certain charm about the story; about Val and Lucrezia's chemistry together. It has that Victorian/chivalric feeling that I've never seen anywhere myself. Probably because other LGBT historical fiction during that time era focused on keeping the relationship a secret. I work with fantasy settings to move away from the secret love stories. We all know about homophobia and how terribly stifling it was, and still is in some places. Let me take you away from that and place you in a land where the rules are different.

Once editing is done and the waiting game begins, I'll pass the time playing BioShock. I didn't get around to playing this trilogy. I thought it was just some wacky FPS/RPG like the recent Fallout games. After hearing about how great the story supposedly is, I decided to try out the first game. I'm late to the crowd (BioShock released in 2007 originally) but I'm interested in seeing for myself what the fuss is all about. If I like the games, I'll pick up the remastered package next month.

This should keep me occupied until Deus Ex: Mankind Divided releases in less than two weeks. And that will keep me busy until I get my hands on the JP version of Persona 5. And then...Final Fantasy XV, after ten years of waiting.

I don't know when I'll start dismantling Ruska and rewriting it. I don't want to wait until I beat Final Fantasy XV. That was my original goal. My ideas grow more and more every day. Concepts flesh out on their own as I think about them constantly. Even if I could shut this off, I doubt I would. I'm sure I could spend years thinking up the best ideas. I'd have to stop eventually. When are they ripe enough? Too ripe? There's no way to tell. Two months feels like far too long to wait. But if I rush this, that'd be even worse.

The verdict is to wait. For now.

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