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I write for the ones without a voice.

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dilemma with Ruska.
So, after Venus and Lysander, it's Ruska next. It's the last book in this "trilogy." It's not really a trilogy because each title stands on its own. And I wrote them with different levels of erotic intensity. If we're going from most intense to least, it's:

Ruska (BDSM with a focus on romance and mind fucks) >>>>> The Scorpion's Empress (mental/emotional D/s) >>> Venus and Lysander (romance with some sex)

Anyone can pick which level of intensity they want and stick with it. I don't like doing the same thing over and over.

My main problem with Ruska seems simple. I have to decide on whether I want to rewrite it in first or third person. I have my annoyances with writing lesbian fiction in the third person. Repeating pronouns. Fixing the syntax in every single sentence so that you know exactly which she I refer to. I don't have that issue in the first person. The original story is in the third person already. If this is like rebuilding a house, I'd have to demolish the whole thing and start all over. If it's like re-releasing a video game, this isn't quite a remaster of an older title. It'd be a full-on remake if I rewrote it in the first person.

I'd likely have to write everything anew from scratch with the first person.
With the third person, I could reuse most scenes and rearrange them as needed...like I tried to do last year.
I'm more comfortable writing in the first person.
I've already planned out how to rework the first arc of the story. Every time I think about it, I hear the words in the first person.

Despite the amount of work involved, I think that answers the question for me. I don't know whether to be excited or not. If I fall in love with these characters again, I know what it'll do to me. Internally. I won't show it to anyone around me...but I know what will happen. It's started. I know what's going on. I was a wreck for a week after I finished the original story. I just went through something similar after finishing Venus and Lysander the other day. Feels like my career is a series of emotional emergencies. I like that, though. I really do...

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