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I write for the ones without a voice.

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Venus and Lysander is finished.
76,716 words.

I still have to go back and edit. Possibly add scenes. But, for now...it's finished. It took me eight months. This is the first story I've written where I pushed myself the whole way through. Not in an unnatural way. The whole thing feels right. I'm not as emotional as I normally would be. I still have Ruska left. The Scorpion's Empress -> Venus and Lysander -> Ruska, in terms of character and world chronology. I thought this book would only be a bridge to Ruska, but it turned into so much more than that. It took me much longer to fall in love with it, hence the eight months. I spent maybe three of those months actually writing.

As I wrote this book, I learned a lot more about the forces that guide me. I used to get frustrated when I couldn't write on demand when I wanted. Now I get why I have times when I won't write at all. I'm always thinking about what to work on next. Sometimes I have to experience something first. Recently beating Persona 3 again after all these years was the last push I needed. The last experience I had to have to make this manuscript the best it can be. Sorry for disappearing this week.

This song is as nostalgic for me as Snowflakes is in Persona 4 Golden. I listened to it as I wrote the last scene.

I'll let the manuscript sit for about a week before I go back and edit. And then...the process will begin. The hours upon hours I know it will take me to write a single query letter and synopsis. The emails to literary agents. The rejection letters. The thought makes me laugh now. No matter what anyone says, I believe in what I wrote. I have this peace now, despite how much it cost me. I can only go forward from here.

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