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I write for the ones without a voice.

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Mitsuru, Rise, Anne.
There's a Persona 5 livestream event on Niconico in six hours. I have the tab open, waiting... They're supposed to make some surprise announcements, kind of like the FFXV Uncovered event. I don't think it'll be as over-the-top as that one was, but still. I need to watch it. I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight. I'm really looking forward to the game. Anne is the character I want to know more about. She seems so fucking cool. She looks different than the rest of the characters in the series, mostly because she's a bit of a foreigner. She's an outcast at the game's high school because everyone thinks she's too different. But she seems to be a confident, headstrong character who's only a recluse in reaction to her environment. I can relate to that.

I'm looking forward to Persona 5 more than Final Fantasy XV just because of Anne. And the amazing art style. And the music. And the demon negotiations returning from the mainline Shin Megami Tensei games. September 15th needs to hurry up so I can stumble through the game in Japanese until the NA version releases on Valentine's Day. I'm practicing my Japanese until then.

I'm hoping we get a Social Link Cooperation with her. Lovers Arcana, maybe? Or the Empress. Her Persona's design is sexual. Carmen here is almost like a dominatrix, but with red instead of the typical black. Men seem to be playthings from the promo surrounding Anne and her Persona. I wonder how that would tie into her storyline, assuming we get to level up a Cooperation with her.

Don't ask me about fanfiction... It's possible I will like Anne and only Anne in this game. Maybe Makoto--she seems like she has a strong personality as well. If I don't like Makoto as much, then I suspect I'll have no one to pair Anne with. I would have written fic for Persona 3 with Mitsuru, but alas, I've no one to pair her with, either. I don't like writing about silent protagonists (female protag from P3Portable), otherwise I would have paired them together. The subtle yuri nod with Mitsuru blushing as she asks to hold the femprotag's hand during the movie at the end of her Social Link was nice, though. Rise and Naoto were perfect together in a single game, despite them hardly interacting at all, which was why it took me so long to pair them together. Worst case scenario: I'll headcanon Anne with Mitsuru as a hopeless crossover and leave it at that </3



The sound of silence.

No one's here. I have a choice: stay in this free-fall I've been in for years and embrace it; or stop in mid-air and take a look around. I have a figurine of Lightning from the last game in the trilogy, right next to my TV. She gives me strength because we're so similar. Her strengths are mine, and I'm proud of them. Her weaknesses are mine, and it makes me uncomfortable. I thought it was only my logic getting in the way of things. Maybe not.

I want to get to know what's on the horizon. What I said.

Lucrezia is a challenging character to write.

I thought of her name from the controversial Lucrezia Borgia as well as a guild in Final Fantasy XIV. The Japanese free company, Lucrezia. I didn't care much for their hardcore endgame accomplishments. The name of their FC got stuck in my head. Valerie's name comes from Amy Winehouse's cover of the song of the same name. Amy sings about a troubled woman named Valerie in that song.

It occurred to me just now that I could save myself a bit of trouble with this manuscript. I had planned on writing up to chapter 13 maximum. It makes more sense to condense that down to 11 chapters. I languished and deteriorated trying to work through five more chapters after this current one. Fuck that. I'll end up with more than 70,000 words like this, which was the goal. The Scorpion's Empress is only 60,000 and it feels short, even though the individual chapters are quite long. Venus and Lysander will follow that same format. Substantive chapters, but not many of them.

That takes a world of weight off of my shoulders. I came up with that right now as I wrote this. I hate when I don't think of these things right away. I stress out and hate my listlessness until, finally, I figure out why I can't write. Then I can write again as if no time had passed at all.

This is too long. I'll shift to a private post now.

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