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Venus and Lysander: 56,527 words now. Eight chapters down. Possibly five more to go.

My head's throbbing. I ate plenty today. Drank fluids. Walked around a bit. Still, this writing one chapter a day thing is a lot to handle. I have a lot of momentum right now. I have to take advantage of it. Plus, I need to finish this before next month. I plan on letting it sit on my hard drive for a few weeks, and then going back to edit once I've "forgotten" things. Emotionally, I won't forget anything...it's hard to explain. Once Deus Ex comes out at the end of August, it'll be a string of video game time for a few months after that. Persona 5 in Japanese, Final Fantasy XV, Mafia III, and Rise of the Tomb Raider's belated PS4 release. During that time, I'll have lots of rejection letters from literary agents to look forward to! How exciting!

This next chapter isn't as clear yet. The first few scenes are. After that, I'll have to improvise. I'll think it over while I level my monk in Final Fantasy XIV. I need the fast-paced, direct power of this job right now. It's addicting. I'm glad I saved it.

I don't know what offends me more. The fact that you fucked me over, or that you wanted me to stay in your life after the fact to be ~there for me. You could only have one thing, and you chose half as much. That's sickening. This is relatively fresh, which is the only reason it's still on my mind. As time passes, I'll stop thinking about it. If only you'd believed in time as much as I do.
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