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After a month, I finally finished the first scene in chapter six of Venus and Lysander. Granted, I did stop for a while. I went back to it here and there, never quite satisfied with how I fantasized about it beforehand. Last night I finally got the fantasy right. I wrote it today. This was right after I queued for a low level roulette in FFXIV on my machinist. As soon as I saw I was in Aurum Vale, I quit before anyone else loaded into the dungeon. I don't usually do things like that. I was already anxious to continue writing. A fifty minute dungeon would have gotten in the way of that. Sorry to the three people I abandoned. I finished the scene--that's what matters.

If Videl is a paragon from Mass Effect, then Valerie is a renegade.

Raj was kind, compassionate, with her demons hidden away. Lucrezia is poised, controlled and in-control; more susceptible to her demons after avoiding them for so long.

Common themes of gallant devotion; making sacrifices, even controversial ones.

Unbreakable trust.
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