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I write for the ones without a voice.

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burning out.
Too much work that I can't set aside.

1. The Scorpion's Empress--general energy, really. Even though I'm not focused on this story anymore, it's still relevant. It will be my first published book after writing for all these years. I can't just forget about it. So, to make sure I don't forget, I set myself the task of expanding on the universe I created here. Not as a direct sequel. Spiritual sequels.

2. Venus and Lysander--set 250 years later, focusing on new characters. Like in the Dragon Age series, we get to see what happens in the same world in a different time, with major decisions from The Scorpion's Empress setting the stage for this new setting. After spending weeks and weeks editing the same three chapters, I'm finally moving forward. I've written about five whole chapters, with things I'd previously taken out moved elsewhere. This builds up to the grand conflict in--

3. Ruska. The center of my universe. The bare bones are finished already. I just have to spend ages EDITING. And then--

4. Surprise project that wraps everything up. Once the "global" conflict is over, this is the resolution. Again, the skeleton is finished, but I have to take my keenest editing eye to this manuscript.

After these...I don't know what I'll do. It feels like I have nothing done. Venus and Lysander is the WIP right now and I haven't made as much progress as I'd expected by now. The other two books after this are "complete"...except they're not. Ruska more so than the surprise project I won't name just yet. Until Venus and Lysander is finished, I'll keep feeling like I have nothing done. Though it's obvious I do have things finished. They only need editing.

And there's still a bunch of fanfiction that I haven't finished/posted yet. Way too much to do. To pace myself, I'm playing Valkyria Chronicles on PS4, and Final Fantasy XIV, working on my astrologian relic. Writing and gaming take up my free time.
I'm nearly done with the weapon. I need a dozen or so more of those unidentifiable items and two more oils. Spamming trials roulette on whichever role is adventurer in need is the best way to get bonus poetics. I spammed Alexander Gordias so much on my dark knight for those precision items. I nearly have my war panther mount. I'm sick of Alexander now. (Yes, I did quit FFXIV for about six months before coming back recently. I had to condition myself to stop caring about progression raiding. I enjoy the game much more now that I don't have a free company or a static. I can do whatever I want on my own.)

Valkyria Chronicles is a great strategy RPG. It's right up my alley. The only reason I didn't buy it on the PS3 is because there were no trophies... It's nice that they addressed this. Late summer/all of fall are packed with games I want. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Persona 5, Final Fantasy XV, Mafia III, Rise of the Tomb Raider (PS4!!), and possibly the Playstation VR depending on what's going on with this Neo console. Mass Effect Andromeda will likely be in early 2017. I'll likely want to get platinum for all of them, or at least Deus Ex, Persona 5 and FFXV. And I have three books to finish in the meantime. Story of my life.

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