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I write for the ones without a voice.

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Light's sorrow.
I'm supposed to be getting ready for my book tours next week. Everything's going well so far. But a vid I watched from one of my favorite YouTubers has had me in a mood. I first subscribed to her a few months ago while doing research for one of my stories. Her earlier videos are funny, whimsy and a little awkward. Endearing, really. They've helped me keep up with my Japanese, and they reminded me of little things in the culture to include in Twisted Allure. I noticed her more recent videos seemed...subdued. There was something missing. That charm, that spark she had was almost gone. I could see it in her eyes. I didn't want to jump to conclusions. Turns out my instinct was right.

Her mental health's suffered over the past months because of social media.

Watching the vid where she speaks about it honestly--it made my heart sink. There's drama floating around the internet about her situation. I think it's irrelevant. When it gets to that point, a line has to be drawn. Whatever he-said she-said mess needs to be gone. Whoever's suffering has to get better. Nothing else matters anymore. It pains me knowing that I saw a few signs and didn't do more about it. As an observer, I noticed. I don't know her personally. But if she had suddenly stopped uploading videos, I would have known why.

Today is also the 11th anniversary of That Day that changed me, mentally.

Right now I'm just...mad at myself for not saying anything and mad at everything that happened to bring her to that point. I'd been debating on whether or not to pre-order the Japanese version of Persona 5. It'll be out September 15. Who knows when the NA version will be out. Months later, probably. After I post this, I'm buying it for sure. I'll work my way through it as much as I can until Final Fantasy XV comes out on the 30th that month.


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