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fanfiction.net is down AGAIN.

Really. Only on Chrome, apparently. I downloaded Firefox and was able to log in.

The login server goes down at least once every few months. I can't reply to PMs. Thank God I finished Twisted Allure already, otherwise I wouldn't be able to update. Fanfiction isn't a priority for me right now. Still, this is annoying. I put my email on the waiting list to sign up for that Archive of our Own place. That should bring in new readers, hopefully.

Things I've gotten done
1. Decided on a release date for The Scorpion's Empress - June 1st!
2. Sent out enough review requests; gotten some favorable replies so far.
3. Scheduled a virtual book tour to promote the book, from May 16th through May 30th.
4. Changed the title of my WIP novel from Civil War to Venus and Lysander. The new title has a more classic, romantic feel.
5. Edited my WIP to fit with my improved vision. I had written quite a lot before I put it down to rethink things. I'm finally at the point where I can continue on with the story until it's completed.

Priorities for the near future
1. Finish Venus and Lysander.
2. Finish this Dragon Age short story I'm working on.
3. Get through other one shot fanfic requests.
4. Continue with Bloodborne. I've been sleeping on these From Software games.
5. Work on another Rise/Naoto fic that explores an often ignored spectrum of the sexuality scale.
6. Take something away from the Intro to Novel Writing class I'm taking soon.

edit April 17

If I'm diligent about this, I could finish Venus and Lysander in one week. I'm listening to these same three songs on repeat from Bloodborne's mini-soundtrack that came free with the game on PSN. Yes, over and over again... I went back to Bloodborne as well. It wasn't that difficult this time around. The bad part is that I keep having these macabre dreams again. That type of tone has nothing to do with my book. There's a larger-than-life urgency in the songs that I need. It fits well with my main character, her motivations. And her love interest invariably gets caught up in those motivations.

I ended up editing out a lot more than I planned, but it was worth it. If I write a single chapter every day, the end could be in sight. I don't have a real reason to wait around. The words are here in my heart already. It's only a matter of writing them down. I have to keep reminding myself that I can edit later. Everything doesn't have to be perfect the first go around.

I have to put off video games and the internet until this is finished. I'll upload my stories to AO3 at another time.
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