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networking, review requests--all day.
I'm sick of looking at Gmail's compose email box.

I sent off a bunch of emails and requests for The Scorpion's Empress to reviewers who will read/review for no charge. Tumblrs, blogs and website directories have been helpful. I've also been PMing my readers on to shop around for interest. I completely forgot about that Archive of our Own site. There's a waiting list of about a week before I can sign up there and post my I'm waiting. My book's release date looks like it'll be within the coming weeks.

This is much harder than writing. I'll easily write a handful of stories per year. It's the process that's draining because there are no guarantees...

Anyway, I need to finish up chapter 17 of Twisted Allure. And then write up this Dragon Age one shot (or short story--haven't decided) that I recently came up with. I have another Rise/Naoto fic I want to write as well. In between all of this, I'm working on Civil War Venus and Lysander. I need to prioritize this Dragon Age fic because the pairing's dynamic will be similar to what I'm building in this novel. And then over the weekend, I have a 16 page paper to write for my upper level writing class. I'm not all that bothered about it. I decided to write about the Sony hack in 2011 that shut down the PlayStation Network for a couple of months. It'll be fun.

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