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The Scorpion's Empress pre-publication

It's odd to me that every single day I spent alone over the past ten years, working on a story, has led up to this. I don't have an agent. Solstice Publishing accepted one of my romance/erotica novels, The Scorpion's Empress. I think I sent it on February 1 and they sent a reply on February 4 saying that they love it and want to draw up a contract.

This book is nothing like the romance novels that have been done to death. It's difficult for me to draw comparisons. There are a lot of unexpected elements that come together in a unique way: medieval-like settings, paladins and dark knights, and mental and emotional power plays. The story is ultimately about two good people trapped in a divided city that's in the throes of a revolution.

I'll make another post when I have a release date for the book.
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