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I write for the ones without a voice.

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Hardcore Risette Fan
I have every trophy for Persona 4 Golden except this one. How embarrassing. This will be my fourth playthrough. In the save files I have in the summer when Rise joins the team, I have already leveled her social link. Apparently, that made me miss about twenty lines. I have Izanagi-no-Okami, 100% Persona Compendium, I defeated[Spoiler (click to open)]Margaret, and in general I have everything else except this. I might as well carry over to a new game. Will Rise still call in August for the festival if I haven't made progress with her s.link? No idea. Guess I'll have to see. This trophy is so random. Spamming L1 doesn't do anything. Only the lines Rise says in dialog boxes counts toward the 250 navigation lines. I'll get to work on it after I finish writing chapter nine of my fic.

P4G's TV program outside of the game is quite handy. I liked listening to Mr. Edogawa's lecture on Jungian psychology. It was a nice recap of things I knew already, but in direct relation to the game. My persona with strangers that I have to interact with in person: it's both charming and mysterious. I imagine it would be dressed like Naoto's Persona. That's the mask I have to tell myself to put on. If I'm not actively interacting with anyone IRL, then I don't have a persona. I realized that I'm not interested in peoples' personas. That's why I'm usually bored in social situations. A lot of people I've known for years insist on using a persona with me, claiming that I wouldn't like them without this mask...when in fact, I much prefer their shadows to their personas. It's that they hate their shadows and want to keep them hidden. Somehow that translates to their staunch belief that I also hate their shadows, even though this is untrue. Blending a shadow with the ego? I'm interested in that.

edit March 21:

FINALLY got my trophy + platinum for this game. As planned, it arrived during the Heaven boss--"Naoto, no!" There are so many misleading "tips" online about this trophy. Once I got it, I literally felt the stress leave my shoulders. I already have platinum for Persona 4 Dancing All Night. There's the Persona 4 Arena games... I'm not a fan of fighting games. And Rise is only playable in the sequel, Arena Ultimax. Sitting through the story cutscenes bored me to tears. I'll probably pass on those games and go with something else.

Shadow Rise <3


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