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I write for the ones without a voice.

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in that daze.
Rise + Naoto
This is the best feeling to write with. Isolating. Alienating. But it's the best. I thought I'd be burnt out by now. I've written enough words for a novella in only a couple of weeks. I'm a pantser for sure (I think up most of my ideas as I write, "by the seat of my pants"), but I always write toward a clear, emotional concept: the climax of the story, or at least one of them. Everything else is the foundation leading up to this big thing. Twisted Allure is unusual for me. For once, I'm not writing a story about strictly star-crossed lovers. The characters themselves are actually the conflict. A smaller climax is coming in the next few chapters, and then the most important one is going to happen not long after that. Rise is also a new type of character for me to write. She has a natural friendliness about her and she's a lot of fun. Usually my pairings are more grounded. There are too many reasons why I gravitate toward her and Naoto together.

There's a powerful feeling that compels me to keep going. It shines clear through the prose. Makes it difficult to go back and re-read, seeing my emotions right there in written word. It's better than writing at a distance like I did before.

Loving FKA twigs and Tinashe these days. I didn't think it was possible to blend in two of my favorite genres (trip-hop and R&B) into one: alternative R&B. Both of the artists look like me. And I can relate to them! That's a rare coincidence. I'm used to not being able to connect with anything around me. Being a minority in endless ways, I've had to learn how to appreciate the world and its complexities, knowing full well that not many people would choose to do the same for me. Finding even the smallest reflection of myself in the media tends not to happen. So this is a nice feeling. The last artist I felt this way about was Aaliyah. For the longest, I was convinced we wouldn't have anyone like her again. I'm glad I was wrong about that.

I'm going to Tinashe's concert on March 16th. Happy about that!

But her album has been delayed...again... sigh. Guess I'll keep on waiting.


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