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I write for the ones without a voice.

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life is strange.
Amy Default
I haven't written anything about this game.

It's a nostalgic YA-type adventure that I've grown fond of. The tumblr-teenage dialog is annoying sometimes, but I was able to ignore that for the most part. The game taught me how to be more discerning. Usually my first instinct about someone was right. I had been neglecting that part of me in real life lately. I shouldn't have done that. I caused too many issues before. It's scary for me to accept the truth about myself, that's all. I'm not allowed to be like everyone else. I'm not allowed to have the same things, the same goals or concerns. I have accepted it. As much as it fuels my ambition, it's sad when I think about it.

Persona 4: Golden is another game I've been sitting on for way too long. Atlus is the same developer who made Catherine, that puzzle game for the PS3 that I made myself get platinum for. I played the PS2 version of the latest Persona ages ago. Revisiting the remake has been great so far. I'm getting to the point now where I have to grind for levels. I've been running around Rise's striptease dungeon because I like the song that plays there. I enjoyed her shadow story the most along with Kanji's. I'm supposed to be grinding in the dungeon after that, but the little exploration gimmicks there are really annoying. The next boss requires me to be at least level 44 or so. I'm barely level 33. I have some work to do. Definitely getting Persona 5 when it's out for the PS4 this summer.

Playing games like these helps me to appreciate the little things in life that I can't have. I get to admire them from afar.


As for writing, I'm done editing my current manuscript. I still need to re-read it completely and look for smaller errors. It's better to do that after I've left it alone for a few days. After that, I have to edit the sequel. Once those are done, I have another book I'll be working on full-time. I'm undecided on what I'll do about fanfiction. It feels like every time I go to the site, the login server is down. Final Fantasy XV is the main game I'm considering writing for. Depends on whether or not I enjoy the characters, male or female. If I don't connect with the characters/world, then I'll look into another fandom. If those don't work, then I'll be sticking to original work. I have more than enough ideas to keep writing until the day I die.

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