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this process again.

Original novel #5 in three years (Ruska, fantasy erotic romance). Fifth time's the charm? That's not counting the handful of other ones I've started and haven't committed to. I still have some perfectionist edits to make with the manuscript. It's passable/finished. It took me five hours total to condense 77,000 words into a meaningful query letter and synopsis. I've queried about 25 agents in two hours.

I went downstairs to get some kind of fruit for breakfast. I had a strange moment where I felt like it was yesterday again when I did this around the same time. I couldn't remember a time when I wasn't in this stressful cycle of sending off emails only to get the inevitable "your writing is very good but I'm afraid this is not what I'm looking for." Or the coded homophobic responses that make me laugh. Or the error messages that the message I spent time preparing did not reach the recipient. Or worse.

The silence.

I'm not all that fussed about this. I'm mentally checked out until someone tells me yes again and actually gets back to me after I follow up. In between the waiting, I'll be working on The Witcher 3. Can't stand this game's main story quests and how dragged out they are. Yennefer and Ciri are amazing, though. They make the game for me. Without them I would have given up somewhere around Novigrad. I also have FFX-2: Last Mission to finish up. When I saw that it would take just as long as the main game, I lost interest. I should revisit it sometime. Also waiting for news on Final Fantasy XV. The next ATR is this month. Should have an announcement about their release date announcement date! That's Square-Enix for you.

It's 11am. I've been working on this query process for the past seven hours. I'm sure I'll fall asleep soon.
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