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I write for the ones without a voice.

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It's 5:30 in the morning and my muse won't shut up and let me sleep...

It's amazing for ideas but I'm so not awake during the day. I've been trying to sleep for the past six hours. Oh no, this is apparently the perfect time to map out 40+ chapters all in my head with emotional memories attached to them. I literally have an entire outline mapped out in my head. If I could pick at it, I'd be able to pull out scenes word-for-word, image-by-image. While this is a very unique experience that lets me know I'm on the right track, I cannot function during the day. Thank you, my muse.

I taught myself how to play this song on the piano in college. For years I've been fascinated by it. It's so loud with lots going on for the entire song, especially right from the get-go. Near the middle it mellows out but it goes right back to the same energy. And then at the very end, it slows down...then that dissonant chord before it quiets to silence. I can't get over how magical that is. It really tells a story about her. Fang's theme song in Lightning Returns is rather masculine and understated. I don't think it fits her. This one definitely does. It's my compass on how to write her character.

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