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I write for the ones without a voice.

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the Final Fantasy revival.
I finished the FFXV demo the other night. Only after forcing myself to ignore the godawful controls, I thought that the rest of the game was decent enough. The music is amazing <3 Yoko Shimomura brought her magic from all of her previous titles, especially the Kingdom Hearts games. With the rest of the demo, I sensed too many similarities to Skyrim and Far Cry with the exploration and quest system. Prompto is even more annoying than FFXIII Vanille and X-2 Rikku combined. Probably because of the placeholder lines he kept repeating. I'm lukewarm about the game itself after playing the demo. I'll buy it for sure since I'm a fan and I support Square-Enix. I'm not very hopeful about the characters other than Noctis. Even then, he seems to have gotten the Lightning Returns treatment (writers going the extra mile to make him likeable, within the constraints of his personality).

I'm playing through Final Fantasy Type-0 now. I was confused at first because the game offers literally ZERO (heh, pun) exposition. They throw all this lore at you as if you're supposed to understand what it means. I know the crystals, l'Cie, Magitek and Imperial parts. But the rest of the stuff could have used a bit of introduction. Aside from the jarring intro mission, I quite like the game. It's a PSP port but some of the cutscenes do look nice. Jack, Seven, Sice, Nine and King are my go-to cadets for missions. The storytelling is very reminiscent of Final Fantasy Tactics. The locations and navigation remind me a lot of the NES and SNES Final Fantasy games. For the gameplay itself, it's like they took the fun parts from Final Fantasy VIII and Balamb Garden and incorporated them here. The school environment and grading system add a lot of immersion. All the moogles floating around Akademeia are nice, too. There's a trophy for talking to all of them.

I think that the devs are trying to stay in-touch and deliver good games. I don't agree with the direction they took with the vanilla Final Fantasy XIII and XIV at all. Too much polish and not enough substance. There were gems that have come out of both titles. I've gone through similar stages with my own writing, so I understand the process. Time will tell if they're on the right track.


FFXIV's 2.0 story is over. I really enjoyed it. The core of the main scenario was excellent. It made me think a lot about my own plans and how to refine them. I'm excited to put these ideas into motion. Light vs dark won't get old if it's done right. I know just the way to breathe some more life into that trope.

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