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I write for the ones without a voice.

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Last Resort
Etro's Knight
Last Resort
Scholar Zodiac Weapon

I'm currently attuning the Mahatma of the Maiden (6/12).

"The weapon exhibits a disinct sense of interpretation."
"Your Zodiac weapon pulses forcefully with a sense of interpretation." ...

The Mahatma of the Ram (Aries) is assertion.
The Mahatma of the Bull (Taurus) is possession.
The Mahatma of the Twins (Gemini) is cogitation.
The Mahatma of the Crab (Cancer) is commiseration.
The Mahatma of the Lion (Leo) is volition.
The Mahatma of the Maiden (Virgo) is interpretation...
The Mahatma of the Scales (Libra) is juxtaposition.
The Mahatma of the Scorpion (Scorpio) is aspiration.
The Mahatma of the Archer (Sagittarius) is perception.
The Mahatma of the Goat (Capricorn) is causation.
The Mahatma of the Water-bearer (Aquarius) is sense of recognition.
The Mahatma of the Fish (Pisces) is conviction.

I agree with all of them except the Maiden one. Interpretation? Really? I had to laugh when I got the first light message for this mahatma. Anyway, halfway done with this quest, and I'll have the Zodiac weapon for my scholar. As a white mage main, I should have gone for the Nirvana first. I cannot with the grind before this stage of the quest, though. Plus, healers are healers. The role will always be my main. I can't wait to hear more about what astrologian will be like. If it's anything similar to calculator, time mage and/or astrologer from Final Fantasy Tactics, I'm on board.

And yes, chapters will be coming right up. Doing this Zodiac quest chain has given my ideas plenty of time to simmer.

edit 3/14:

OMG Astrologian's Limit Break will be Celestial Stasis from Final Fantasy Tactics! That's the same skill that Orran uses during the epic battle when Ramza and co. find him in Gollund fending off the bandits. It won't actually stop time but who cares! Unlocking AST day 1! Oh and I got my Last Resort Zeta the other night. I'm so relieved.

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