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Ruska is finished...

It's finally over. It's done. Over four years of chronicles of my growths and recessions, mapped out onto the pages. I feel like I went through an intense growth spurt just from marking the story as Complete. I was so emotional as I did it. I can't fucking believe it... Yes, I have more stories in mind. Things to post on ffnet first and then convert to original novels. Nothing will ever be able to replace this feeling of accomplishment. I don't know how I feel about writing a saga like this again. It's a daunting task. This story became one. Kind of went rampant on its own like a misbehaved child who was most convinced of her righteousness. I'll try not to let things get out of hand like that again. I have much more polish and control now. The good kind. Not like in this story where I was afraid to be too vulnerable, especially with most chapters from Lulu's point of view.

I'm not going anywhere. I'd like to convert this to an original as one epic book. I have to cut things down, of course. This is something I want to do later on in my career for sure.

Lulu <3

Lulu's Contempt...
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