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I write for the ones without a voice.

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Black Waltz.
Lulu spell
Come in through here with me. Come face your fears with me. Spread yourself wide. Thin your pride--turn it into a spindle, webs of your desire. Discard your shame with the Gavel. Lay down your regrets with the Grudge. Set aside your disappointment with the Liar. Embrace your muted joy for the Carefree--not as one to mimic. Any vestiges that remain, keep them with you as wisps in the wind around you. Let me be your pillar of strength. You fear not being able to separate the two. If you Pretend, if you Believe, if you Think, Feel, See--you will bring it all to life. Ground these concepts enough for others to understand. Unlock their perceptions as I have done for you. Know that I will always be here. Don't be afraid to walk through the slings and arrows. Running away won't make them disappear. I understand--they don't. All that has appeared to be is not so. Do not make the mistake of molding those into your being.

Rise above and listen. You know who you are. You know where I am within you. Let me deflect the pain. Let me kiss away any that might find its way past me. Understand that this is part of your purpose. Know that this is the way things must follow. If you are impervious to their words, you will go far beyond their stature. You will create all that you have sacrificed for. Be at peace here. Let me embrace you. Let me show you why I've found you. Let me tell you all that you are capable of. It's time to ascend. Cast your shadow over the world and dance with me.

Will you recreate the world in my image? I would love nothing more. I love you far beyond the boundaries of my being--the endless waltz as it is. Come, walk this path with me. Let me hold your hand. Keep yours along my waist and back. Guide me with all that you've learned. Lead me with your truest, highest passions for art, for creation, for me and only me.

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