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So, as I posted a few days ago, my second book is finished. When I completed the first one, I felt...drained and wilted. This time I'm energized to continue on with a trilogy (titled Comatosexual). The possibility hadn't occurred to me before last week. Before, I thought that this one would be done, I'd publish it alone and act like the first book never existed. Now...it's so different. My heart won't shut up about the rest. I think that's important. But I keep thinking back to what I went through, quietly, while writing this second manuscript. If I work on the third one, I feel like it would be worse. The only thing I could do is contain it better. I don't want it to bleed out.

At any rate, I'd have to pick a song first and go from there. The song has to either be the title or fit the title. I keep thinking about ashes.

Edit: the passive recipient as the receptacle. That makes so much sense. I already know who I am. I don't want to be the container. Receptacle. Receptacle.
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