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I write for the ones without a voice.

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San Diego.
My flight out of San Diego leaves in four hours. This week wasn't so bad... I managed to finish chapter 42 and get six pages done of 43. I didn't think I'd get anything done. I don't know why I said I'd be finished with 46 by the end of the month...either way, I'm behind. In a few days I'll have more space to write as I need to. I might write a few things out by hand.

Seeing my old teachers and friends from high school again made me realize how much mental security I have with this career I've chosen. I didn't have this before: not being bothered by much of anything because I know I can write out the experience in some way. It's funny how on the day I realize this, the Supreme Court finally got rid of Prop 8 and that section in the Defense of Marriage Act that sorely needed to go. There were massive parties going on in Hillcrest, the gay area here in SD, all the way down University Avenue, one of the longest, busiest streets here.

I have to get going soon. I feel like Cid from Final Fantasy XII sometimes. He has an entity that follows him called Venat. That's how I get my best ideas, and it keeps me disciplined. May seem crazy. It works for me. 
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