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I can't.

I'm eating dinner, trying to read through a Fleur/Hermione fic I wrote back in 2008... But, why am I doing this? Well, I decided to finally work on finishing my only incomplete F/H story on my fanfic profile. I went back and found the post I made outlining my plans for the rest of the chapters. But, for now...

The culprit: Raspberry. WHY didn't anyone tell me how bad it was? It's really bad... I remember trying to update that and Chauvinistic Coquette at the same time. I'd posted the first chapter of Raspberry in early May (May 8th. Flawless memory). I posted chapter one of CC on July 29th of the same year. Raspberry got up to chapter 40 before I decided to end it on an abrupt note in October. That was when I got to the more emotional parts in CC, with the engagement and all, so my heart was set on that story. I do remember very clearly feeling more comfortable writing in the first person than the third person, which also contributed to my decision to terminate that terribad story. And then in January 2009, after I was done being upset over CC being over, I started Vertigo. I somehow got drastically better with the third person despite not having written in it for four months.

In rare parts of Raspberry, the narrative was very expressive...I see bits and pieces of my current style that began to blossom there. I think the main problem was that I had too much going on in each sentence. There would be an average of three actions by one or more characters in the same sentence. Ugh. I really do see where my writing style came from, through all of this...mess...but, wow. If for some reason I had to go back and re-teach myself how to write, I would freak out. Never again.
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