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Social realism + romance.
LGBT, minorities, and women as fully-realized characters.
Power plays that push mental and emotional limits.
Armor over vulnerabilities. Strip that armor to get to the soft, devoted core.

Upcoming Book - The Scorpion's Empress - June 1st
The Scorpion's Empress has been accepted by Solstice Publishing! Lesbian erotic romance. It'll be available on Amazon as an ebook and in print. Book summary:

After years of serving a corrupt government, Ser Videl, an idealistic paladin, learns that her younger sister is tangled in a dark scheme against Raj Mangala, the compassionate yet troubled Empress of the city's oppressed lowtown; the two women meet and are deeply drawn to one another, finding a shared sanctuary in their violently-divided city. The Scorpion's Empress is intimately written through the eyes of both twenty-seven year old women.

Videl's loving devotion is just what Raj craves, but Raj is wary of letting her guard down while protecting her throne. Determined to prove her worth, Videl chases after Raj and works to unravel the mystery of the plots against the Empress. Raj wants Videl to serve her emotional and sexual needs, and the two explore a meaningful relationship of dominance and submission that delves fully into their deepest wants. When the conspiracy against Raj comes to a head, Videl's loyalties are tested when she is forced to choose between her past and her Empress.

The Scorpion"s Empress

I'll put up the link to the Amazon page as soon as I receive it. Most likely won't be until much closer to the release date.

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hide and seek.
I see you hiding in the places I left behind.

new experiences.
In between working on Venus and Lysander, I've been playing Bloodborne. This game came out last year, and I intended to play it then--specifically for this story--knowing that I'd take inspiration from it. Delays and other setbacks got in the way. Now that I'm finally focusing on this book, I got back into the game. The setting/tone of Bloodborne has little to do with my story. The Victorian-esque architecture is the closest similarity, but the horror and gore aspects aren't part of what I'm writing about. I didn't get far in the other Souls games because the PS3 controls were too clunky for me. The updated controls and the aggressive, precise combat in this game feels much better. I'm naturally patient and calculating, picking and choosing when to be aggressive, so I haven't died too much. I also played through the Nightmare Frontier with one of my readers. She helped me beat the boss there. That was a lot of fun. A couple of PvP players found us, too. Didn't end too well for them.

This type of experience is what I want to recreate in the story. I was in a rut for a while because the book felt very...same-y, compared to my other stories. Now I know what I need to add/change: tightening up the lore in my fictional universe and tie things back to The Scorpion's Empress, making this a true overture to Ruska down the line, and picking at a bunch of other trivial issues that added up and overwhelmed me before.

I did power through this week and ended up finishing about half of the first draft. But I have this weird quirk where I cannot progress with a manuscript until the existing chapters are where I need them to be. Foreshadowing is a favorite trick of mine, so that's probably why I work like this. I'm lucky with the word count, because I get to cheat a little. There's at least one scene from both Vagrant Honor and the fanfic version of Ruska that I'm reimagining in this book. That's like 10,000 FREE words. I love it.

Elevate it. Don't make it the same. is down AGAIN.
Really. Only on Chrome, apparently. I downloaded Firefox and was able to log in.

The login server goes down at least once every few months. I can't reply to PMs. Thank God I finished Twisted Allure already, otherwise I wouldn't be able to update. Fanfiction isn't a priority for me right now. Still, this is annoying. I put my email on the waiting list to sign up for that Archive of our Own place. That should bring in new readers, hopefully.

Things I've gotten done
1. Decided on a release date for The Scorpion's Empress - June 1st!
2. Sent out enough review requests; gotten some favorable replies so far.
3. Scheduled a virtual book tour to promote the book, from May 16th through May 30th.
4. Changed the title of my WIP novel from Civil War to Venus and Lysander. The new title has a more classic, romantic feel.
5. Edited my WIP to fit with my improved vision. I had written quite a lot before I put it down to rethink things. I'm finally at the point where I can continue on with the story until it's completed.

Priorities for the near future
1. Finish Venus and Lysander.
2. Finish this Dragon Age short story I'm working on.
3. Get through other one shot fanfic requests.
4. Continue with Bloodborne. I've been sleeping on these From Software games.
5. Work on another Rise/Naoto fic that explores an often ignored spectrum of the sexuality scale.
6. Take something away from the Intro to Novel Writing class I'm taking soon.

edit April 17

If I'm diligent about this, I could finish Venus and Lysander in one week. I'm listening to these same three songs on repeat from Bloodborne's mini-soundtrack that came free with the game on PSN. Yes, over and over again... I went back to Bloodborne as well. It wasn't that difficult this time around. The bad part is that I keep having these macabre dreams again. That type of tone has nothing to do with my book. There's a larger-than-life urgency in the songs that I need. It fits well with my main character, her motivations. And her love interest invariably gets caught up in those motivations.

I ended up editing out a lot more than I planned, but it was worth it. If I write a single chapter every day, the end could be in sight. I don't have a real reason to wait around. The words are here in my heart already. It's only a matter of writing them down. I have to keep reminding myself that I can edit later. Everything doesn't have to be perfect the first go around.

I have to put off video games and the internet until this is finished. I'll upload my stories to AO3 at another time.

networking, review requests--all day.
I'm sick of looking at Gmail's compose email box.

I sent off a bunch of emails and requests for The Scorpion's Empress to reviewers who will read/review for no charge. Tumblrs, blogs and website directories have been helpful. I've also been PMing my readers on to shop around for interest. I completely forgot about that Archive of our Own site. There's a waiting list of about a week before I can sign up there and post my I'm waiting. My book's release date looks like it'll be within the coming weeks.

This is much harder than writing. I'll easily write a handful of stories per year. It's the process that's draining because there are no guarantees...

Anyway, I need to finish up chapter 17 of Twisted Allure. And then write up this Dragon Age one shot (or short story--haven't decided) that I recently came up with. I have another Rise/Naoto fic I want to write as well. In between all of this, I'm working on Civil War Venus and Lysander. I need to prioritize this Dragon Age fic because the pairing's dynamic will be similar to what I'm building in this novel. And then over the weekend, I have a 16 page paper to write for my upper level writing class. I'm not all that bothered about it. I decided to write about the Sony hack in 2011 that shut down the PlayStation Network for a couple of months. It'll be fun.

Twisted Allure notes
Rise + Naoto
Title - Twisted Allure
Fandom - Persona 4

Pairing - Rise/Naoto
Warnings - Strong language, drama, adult/sexual themes, trauma.
Rating - M
Word Count - 106,000
Summary - An alleged security breach within Inaba's cell phone provider exposes texts, pictures and vids on everyone's phones, causing a public meltdown. Scandalous details about Rise are leaked to the press, delaying her plans to return to her career. The system gets in Naoto's way and she's cut off from investigating the case. So much is out in the open now. Post-game AU.

Full story -

Click the cut only if you have finished reading the story...or if you want to be spoiled that badly.

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I can't find the artist's page via reverse Google search. Why has no one credited him/her after hotlinking?

The Scorpion's Empress pre-publication
Etro's Knight
It's odd to me that every single day I spent alone over the past ten years, working on a story, has led up to this. I don't have an agent. Solstice Publishing accepted one of my romance/erotica novels, The Scorpion's Empress. I think I sent it on February 1 and they sent a reply on February 4 saying that they love it and want to draw up a contract.

This book is nothing like the romance novels that have been done to death. It's difficult for me to draw comparisons. There are a lot of unexpected elements that come together in a unique way: medieval-like settings, paladins and dark knights, and mental and emotional power plays. The story is ultimately about two good people trapped in a divided city that's in the throes of a revolution.

Raj Mangala is the self-proclaimed Empress of the lowtown, Elysium; she has street smarts, she's compassionate, her people love her, and she has a troubled past that she doesn't let show. She knows she's in charge and she doesn't let that power get to her head. Then there's Ser Videl, a paladin of the city's hightown, Eden. Anyone from the hightown who visits Elysium is colloquially called a scorpion, because it's much hotter there compared to Eden, and they typically only go to cause trouble (imagine a scorpion looking to sting something). I thought it would be interesting to have a typical knight character: noble, pious and honorable, who would be willing to sacrifice anything for the person she chooses to devote herself to--even if that sacrifice was inherently evil. Raj and Videl both want the same things--peace and stability. Their relationship ultimately lets them reach out and affect the city's revolution. There's an explicit power play in their relationship that reflects in the book's title. As it's more of an emotional and mental dynamic between them, I make sure to show them as equals who just so happen to like the things that they're into. This is not like that book you're thinking about.

High stakes, intense sex, and betrayals and plot twists that aren't done for the sake of shocking the reader--these are all at the book's core. I've done my best to make everything organic. Blending social realism with well-rounded relationships is very much me.

I'll make another post when I have a release date for the book.


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